ROAR Publication Launch

Following our intersecting art-geology research, developed as part of the Archive and the Contested Landscape exhibition, we are delighted to announce our co-authored essay will feature in the forthcoming ROAR publication.

Kelcy Davenport, Nawrast Sabah Abd Alwahab, Sally Stenton and Sarah Strachan.

Thanks to editors Rosanna Greaves and Marina Velez for inviting us to contribute to ROAR, “a curated-book exploring how artistic and aesthetic strategies address notions of sustainability.”

Fellow exhibitor in the Archive and the Contested Landscape, Michael Hrebeniak, also has an essay published in ROAR.

ROAR launch Flyer Venice (1)ROAR-FB-1

Learn more about the book and order your copy at

2 thoughts on “ROAR Publication Launch

  1. I am photographer reserching on graffity art in the Middle East and North America and uk , I would like to participate in your exhibition, I look forward to hear from you for further information.
    With kind regards
    Sholeh Rahimi


    1. Hi Sholeh

      Great to hear from you. Your work sounds interesting.

      Please see the ‘How to Apply’ page for more information.

      We look forward to receiving your proposal by 25th May.

      Get in touch if you have any further questions.

      Best wishes



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