If the cloud allows

On 16th October 2018 in Basrah and Cambridge, people walked simultaneously in a circle, treading on the same earth and gazing at the same moon.

If the cloud allows was imagined by Sally Stenton and developed in association with geologist Dr. Nawrast Sabah Abd Alwahab in Basrah with contributions from Dr Matthew Bothwell from the University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy and film maker Mohammedali Albatat.

In the experience of walking slowly in a circle, tracing the shape of moon, there is an invitation to be here, in this moment, in this place and at the same time to carry the understanding that people in another location are doing the same.

Messages written on postcards after the walks expressed a profound sense of connection between the different places and people.

Thank you to the 27 people who walked in Basrah and Cambridge and helped to document the walks and to Kelcy Davenport for providing the context and opportunity for this to happen.

For more information about the project go to  www.sallystenton.com