If the cloud allows


On 16th October 2018 in Basrah and Cambridge, people walked in a circle, simultaneously, treading on the earth and gazing at the same moon.

Sally Stenton and Nawrast Sabah communicated via the internet, challenged by frequent electricity cuts and internet failure.  Nawrast made it happen in Basrah against the odds, pitching positivity against the backdrop of chaos, contaminated water and political unrest.

Messages written on postcards after the walks, to people who walked in the other place expressed a profound sense of connection. These will shortly be online with translations. Nawrast translated from Arabic what she wrote:

“On my own card I have written that I feel as if I got victory against all the clouds in my life. and whatever our dreams, could be simple or great, the most important thing is to contest and work to make it come true.”

Thank you to the 27 people who walked and filmed and to Kelcy for providing the context and opportunity for this to happen. These words are being written less than 2 days after the event and we are still waiting for the video footage to travel over the internet. There is so much to digest and to build on, The project will continue with a walk each season and suggestions are being made already to include other places. Follow the progress of the project via www.sallystenton.com